Create and convert leads, engage customers in the digital space –  

That’s what I can help you do.

Whether you are:

– A marketer seeking independent expert advice,
– An agency requiring additional firepower or a fresh perspective,
– A business owner requiring a digital marketing partner and coach,

I can deliver results for you.

Who am I?

An independent digital specialist who can:

– Solve a business or marketing problem by uncovering the right data and insights,
– Whip a project or campaign into shape to hit deadlines,
– Mitigate risks along the way for a successful delivery,
– Think both in and out of the box – whatever is right for your project,
– Build a specialist team to make your idea or vision happen.

What is my expertise?

– Digital marketing communications – campaigns and platforms (strategy, planning and execution)
– Digital operations strategy (audit, planning and execution incl. talent screening)
– Stakeholder management (at all levels and multi-cultural)
– Delivery strategy (resource and budget planning, sourcing and screening of vendors)
– Project implementation (end to end or stage-specific)
– Programme management
– Management and mentoring of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary project teams

What is my track record?

Hyper Island was only one year old when I started my journey in digital marketing communications. This makes me a digital veteran.

Since 1997, I have worked with industry-leading communications agencies in the UK and Australia. And so everything I have learnt has been from the best industry talent – here and there.

In that time, I have mastered the art of producing great digital work across multiple platforms.

For more information on my background, you may want to read more about my professional track record here. Or if you would like to discuss how I can help you solve your digital marketing or operational challenges, get in touch here!

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