Suzie Shaw, CEO at Host

“Cecile has been working with Host on a contract basis for the last 3 months as Digital Consultant and interim Head of Digital.

She’s done a fantastic job. She is extremely knowledgeable and connected. She has a very diligent approach and was very effective at identifying opportunities for improvement and implementing programmes of positive change.

She is highly respected and has delivered great value to Host. I’d highly recommend Cecile to others on the basis of her skills and expertise and ability to apply that to varying contexts.”

1st August 2014

Jasel Mehta, Managing Director at AKQA China & India (formerly International Director of Delivery at AKQA London)

“Cecile was a pleasure to work with on the Nike business.

She joined amidst chaos and had to quickly get control of a complex body of work and an equally complex mix of stakeholders both internally and at the client.

Cecile has a brilliant ‘there’s always a way’ attitude that she used to derive often brilliant, if unconventional strategies for addressing challenges the team faced.

Once the programme was back on track, Cecile flexed her strategic aptitude by bringing her knowledge and experience of digital communications to bear on both team and client.

Some people are natural ‘fixers’ and others are more strategic – Cecile is rare in that she is equally adroit at both, positioning her well to play a leadership role in this industry.

I look forward to the opportunity of partnering with her once again in the future and recommend her highly.”

19th February 2014

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